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OSC-B © Ulf Langheinrich

Commissioned by LLum Barcelona, OSC-B is the four single-screen work of the series OSC, after the original version presented in Shanghai (2006), OSC-L in London (2018) and OSC-K in Karlsruhe (2020).
This outdoor installation is based on a moving image from a squared LED wall erected on the Design Museum building in Barcelona which stands upright in water. The water surface being periodically animated by the wind, the images reflected are reconfigured by the interference of the different patterns of waves coming from the water's natural ripples.
The visual result is determined by repeated patterns of mainly drifting lines and light noise, which are modulated by the mirror formed by the surface of the water, creating even more complex patterns.

Another dimension of the work is its characteristics in terms of periodic alternations over time, such as drifting color, hue saturation or luminance levels.

The correlation between altered and non-altered aspects of the original image result in an overall impression, drifting between a monolithic light object and a complex projection field.

Exhibition: 02 - 04 February 2022, MIRA Digital Arts Festival, Disseny HUB Barcelona. Elisava garden (ES).

© Ulf Langheinrich, 2022
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