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ulf langheinrich

LOST is a new work for the HEMISPHERIC-dome.

It operates on the borders of perception. The visual and sensory impact needs a careful exploration of the specific properties of the hemispheric environment.

It works without any video projection, a complete "Tabula Rasa" of any image.
It is about exploring the potential of the hemispheric dome by annulling its existence on a level of perception; using it as a carrier into an "Inner space".

This space is intended to be a zone very close to a "BEYOND"; especially beyond the "virtual reality"-space. This is an area where the interactive engagement with a virtual reality and even the relaxed gazing on images left behind.

It is about a state of mind, of coeval agitation and stillness, of stressful density and silence, the calm inside a turbine, once the images are lost and the joy once it doesn't bother anymore. This work is about being touched by light, an intimate sensual touch.

Premiere: 14 June 2017, Muffatwerk (DE)
Creation of a special version for the SATosphere dome: 10 April - 05 May and 1st June 2018,
SAT - Society for Arts and Technology, Montreal (QC,CA)

Audiovisual composition: Ulf Langheinrich
Dome construction: Dietmar Lupfer
Production: Epidemic Paris