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HEMISPHERE is an artificial space created by 5 high definition beamers projecting onto a suspended cupola.

It premiered for the opening of Romaeuropa Festival, as part of the exhibition Sensi Sotto Sopra, Roma (Italy) from September 28 until October 20, 2006.

Two other versions have been created:

- HEMISPHERE - SAT (2012): a special version for the Sensorium dome of the SAT Montreal (QC, CA) in 2011

- HEMISPHERE (2016): new version at the Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels (BE)

For the same device, a new piece has been created, LOST (2017), at Muffatwerk, Munich (DE).

Audiovisual composition and light environment: Ulf Langheinrich
Compositing assistance:  Wolfgang Schwarzenbrunner, Brandon Tay, Tanja Tomic, Silvio Canazei, Gerhard Daurer
Real time playback software: Matthias Härtig
Cupola design: Dietmar Lupfer
Production: Muffatwerk München
Co-production: Epidemic Paris
Supported by Kulturstiftung des Bundes