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Flight Experiences
A programme of residence for composers
A programme of concerts

6 to 10 commissions per year to several composers by Art Zoyd and Mons Musiques


Flight Experience # 1

Premiere July 2000 / Festival au carré à Mons under the direction of Jean-Paul Dessy

David Shea (US), Giovanni Sollima (IT), Kasper Toeplitz (FR), Jérôme Combier (FR), Gérard Hourbette (FR)


Flight Experience # 2

Premiere May 2001

Horatiu Radulescu (RO/FR), Jean-Luc Fafchamps (BE), Jean-Christophe Feldhandler (FR), Fausto Romitelli (IT)


Flight Experience # 3

Permiere December 2001

Atau Tanaka (US), Ryoji Ikeda (JP), Gualtiero Dazzi (IT), Jean-Paul Dessy (BE)


Flight Experience # 4

Premiere Fall 2002

Michaël Levinas (FR), Zbigniew Karkovski (PO), Phil Niblock (US), Marie-Hélène Fournier (FR)
images: Phil Niblock (US), Atsuko Nojiri (JP)

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