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Dangerous Visions
dangereuses visions
Dangerous Visions © Shiro Takatani
The Orchestre National de Lille and Art Zoyd are working together to set up a series of residential programmes covering a period of three and a half years (1997-2000), with a view to promoting creation and performance, drawing on a combination of symphonic music, new musical technologies and new images.

- First cycle:

Composers: Thierry de Mey, Luc Ferrari, Gérard Hourbette / Art Zoyd, Gérard Pape.
Visual creation: Shiro Takatani - Dumb Type
Premiere March 1998 - Lille

- Second cycle:

Composers: Heiner Goebbels, Granular-Synthesis, Gérard Hourbette, Pierre Vasseur.
Visual creations: Granular-Synthesis, Lydie Jean-Dit-Pannel, Michael Saup - Supreme Particles.
Premiere March 1999 - Maubeuge (opening of VIA Festival)

- Third cycle:

Composers: Gérard Hourbette, Christophe Maudot, Helmut Oehring, Eric Sleichim.
Visual creations: Hagen Klennert, Geert Mul, Safy.
Special guests: BL!NDMAN KWARTET
premiere February 2000 - Lille