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ryuichi sakamoto, shiro takatani

TIME © Sanne Peper

A new theatre piece by Ryuichi Sakamoto + Shiro Takatani unifies sound, music, performance, installation, and visual art into a singular experience.

Based on the long-standing collaboration between artists Sakamoto and Takatani beginning with Sakamoto's 1999 opera, LIFE, the two artists will create a new kind of integrated artistic expression that goes beyond the boundaries of a conventional operatic framework.

The ideas behind the creation include traditional Japanese Music x Western Music, Performance x Installation, Art x Science x Philosophy, etc., creating an integrated artwork that mixes a variety of elements, making full use of extended visions and expressions through music and the moving image.

The overarching theme is TIME.

Sound, Concept: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Visual Design, Concept: Shiro Takatani

Dancer: Min Tanaka
Shô player: Mayumi Miyata / Remi Miura

Noh flute: Late Rokurobyoe Fujita, the 11th (recorded in June, 2018)

Lighting Design: Yukiko Yoshimoto
Media Authoring / Programming: Ken Furudate, Satoshi Hama, Ryo Shiraki
Costume Design: Sonya Park
Costume Production: ARTS&SCIENCE

Production Manager: Simon MacColl
Stage Manager: Nobuaki Oshika
Front of House Engineer: ZAK
Filming Assistant: Shuta Shimmyo
Graphic Design Assistant for Video: Takuya Minami
Manager to Min Tanaka: Rin Ishihara (Madada Inc.)

Additional Audio Engineer: Alec Fellman (Kab America Inc.),
Additional Assistant Audio Engineer: Maria Takeuchi (Kab America Inc.), Makoto Kondo (office INTENZIO)
Additional Support: Mai Yuda (Kab Inc.)

English translation of “Dream #1” from Ten Nights of Dreams by Natsume Soseki & “KANTAN”: Sam Bett
Modern Japanese translation of "KANTAN": Rurihiko Hara
English translation of "The Butterfly Dream": Neo S. Sora

Special thanks to Dr. Shin-Ichi Fukuoka for his advice during the conceptualization of the project.

Produced by Richard Castelli, Norika Sora, Yoko Takatani
In co-production with Holland Festival - Amsterdam, deSingel - Antwerpen, Manchester International Festival

Developed in collaboration with Dumb Type Office, KAB America Inc., Epidemic

Production & Tour Management: Richard Castelli, Mélanie Roger, Florence Berthaud (Epidemic)