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ALLUVIUM (AVIE) © Ulf Langheinrich

360° immersive, interactive and stereoscopic installation created for AVIE by Jeffrey Shaw.

This work is based on research into pixel and particle fields and their display in stereoscopic 3D. The qualities of such fields that I am interested in are: consistency, density, liquidity, tension, opacity and subtlety.
The material is not created in a 3D-Software, but based on 2D noise and particle fields. The experience of depth is the result of re-allocating of particles, independent for left and right eye. The re-allocation of particles is considered a modulation in which 2D noise-fields acts as modulator while the "visible" noise-fields is the carrier.
This means noise is not only the visible phenomena of moving dots on the screen but also the source of their distribution in 3D space, which consequently appears to be random.
Global meta-movements such as rotation and zoom are intended to act as an "undercurrent" while the viewer's attention is occupied with the remoulding of the "aesthetic matter".
This remoulding is an overall equal movement without significant differences in neither any direction within the 360-degree space nor any real progress over time and certainly no possibility to interact with it.
Ulf Langheinrich

Premiere: 03 March - 2 May 2010, "Digitalife" group exhibition, Romaeuropa festival, MACRO Testaccio - La Pelanda, Rome (IT)
3D version premiere: 08 septembre 2017, "The Art of Immersion", ZKM Karlsruhe (DE).

Image, Music and Sound: Ulf Langheinrich
Image integration in AVIE: Ardrian Hardjono, Som Guan
iCinema Software Development: Matthew McGinity, Xin Guan, Ardrian Hardjono, Jared Berghold, Alex Kupstov
AVIE Hardware design, integration and installation: Damian Leonard, Robin Chow, Marc Chee, Densan Obst
Production: Epidemic, Paris
Co-production: UNSW iCinema Centre, Sydney

This work was inspired by and created for the AVIE (Advanced Visualisation and Interaction Environment), developed at the UNSW iCinema Centre and designed by Jeffrey Shaw.

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