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On the stage exposed real bodies took the role of noise distorsion fighting against even more sophisticated technological stage devices. With AIDS as the center, issues such a gender, homosexuality, nationality, identity, and life and death were brought out. However they not only criticized the issue of discrimination in contempory society, but they also considered how to use this criticism as an opportunity to form an entirely new love = Communication.
This communication is rather the different intersections of the multiplicity of the media created by humans (from body language to the computer network) and it must not be transmission devices for power.

Tours (1994-1996):
Adelaide Festival (Australia), Musée d'Art Contemporain in Montreal (Canada), King Theater Seattle (USA), Landmark Hall Yokohama (Japan), Spiral Tokyo (Japan), Festival MIT, Le Manège Mauberge (France), Esch Theatre (Luxembourg), Cankarjev Dom Ljubljana (Slovenia), Halle Münsterland / Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster (Germany), Festival Exit / Maison des Arts in Creteil (France), Kunsten Festival des Arts, Brusels (Belgium), Zürcher Theater Spektakel Zürich (Switzerland), International Performing Arts Festival of São Paolo (Brazil), Tokyo Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival, International New Zealand Festival of Arts Wellington, Teatro Central Sevilla (Spain).